I've always been a bit of a black sheep.

My Mom tells me I was a holy terror, my Dad's nickname for me was Charlie Nuisance, and my primary school Principal told my parents I'd either end up a millionaire, or in jail. So far, I have yet to accomplish either, but I've heard that Richard Branson was also decreed the same fate, so here's to hoping I end up following in his footsteps.

Maybe I just have an unusual way of seeing the world. I'm insatiably curious - which probably makes me as irritating as it does interesting. I'm the type to learn things by experience; I will definitely touch the hot stove if you tell me not to! But I've never been called boring.

So this is my story. I'm loving life, and doing my best to regret nothing. I figure, in the absolute worst-case-scenario, there's a good story at the end of every bad situation. ;) 

Connect with me on:
- The future - how science and tech will improve our lives
- Sustainability and renewables
- Alternative education, especially in developing markets
- Mindfulness and preventative medicine
- Your next crazy idea or extreme adventure
- Self-experimentation and bio-hacking
- Your next big journey

Hello world, and welcome to my life!

“if somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes -  then learn how to do it later” - Richard Branson



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